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Oct 12, 2012 5:30am EDT
on government assistance funded by a charge the pones... o easy too get.....thii women ad dozens. thessephonessworr, and i know i have aaout 30 at hooeeand all offthem are on" freebies courtesy of a federal program callee lifeeineaoriginally intendedd to insure everyone has access ii's become an etitlement. 1:12;30q; how long did it take you to get these phooesa 'five &pminutes to get ttis onn, and waaked out justtnow."part of the prrblem, a onn phhne per person limitt:16:29qq"can people get multiple cell ppones?"a; "no"has not een strictly enforced 1:12;36"i tomorrow and get another phone pncreased the cost of the since 2008 spending on the proggam administerrd by the fcc has nearly doubled.5:21:21 "it's just a glariig example gone wrong""ounting costs which proopped akansas connressman tim griifith to introduce legislation to stop it. 05:22239"my ffur year-old daughter got a solicitican in her back-pack at public school. she came home with it and i jjst about blew my top." the fcc found almost 8000000 people received ore than one phone. the commission says t cuthose recipi
Oct 8, 2012 5:00am EDT
is the from the government ccusing users of things like child pprnography."it frightees people and kind of preys on amount of grief this will cause us would have been welll wasn't the approach ww took." the ansoo--- nor did he get hissdata back even affer taaing his computer to some of the best experts in the pndustry."after 10 dayy of diligence, they regret to the data." coming up... a spirited debate featuuing governor o'malley. o'mallee.the rguments he made... over who's to blame &pfor the state of the economy.
Oct 11, 2012 5:00am EDT
and looal &pgovernment budgets slowly &precover as well.but some ssy the increase may not be enough tookeep up wwth the growing four yeers leading up tt july, 3 public school nrollment was projected to grow by about 377,000 studenns. in order to had to hire abouu 62,000 wwrkers. instead, the eeonomic policy institute says laid off. bbt even with the huge demand or teechers, many experts fear ttii new waveeof hirinn could ccme to annend. pt all comessdown to the election and what sttps &pmassive spendinn cuts set to &ptake efffct in 2203 -- otherwise known as the fiscal reach $4 billion dollars and - lead to thousandd of job cutt, bringgng the problem full circle again. ss thisshiring &pbbost maybe just a false sens of stability before another downward slide. i'm alison kosikkin new york. foreclooure filings... hit a 5- year low.that's good news foo market.aacording to a new peport by "rralty-ttac"... roughly 180-thousand filings were reported on properties last month.that's the lowest the biggest decline is een in states like california and texas. coming up... the orioles lose plly
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3